Recycled Construction Debris, Eagle Hauling Services

The state of "Florida has an MSW (municipal solid waste) recycling goal that includes C&D (construction and demolition) debris". Eagle Hauling Services has a service to dispose of, recover or reuse, a wide range of construction debris, which accounts for 25% of Florida's MSW stream.

These kinds of materials generally fall under a specific category such as not water-soluble or non-hazardous. Such materials may include but are not limited to steel, glass, brick, concrete, asphalt material, pipe, gypsum wallboard, and lumber.

Important fact in disposing of construction demolition debris: "Mixing of construction demolition debris with other types of solid waste will cause it to be classified as other than construction and demolition debris" - resource: Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Division of Waste Management

Waste Reduction

Most construction sites create a large amount of debris and much of the waste material in that debris, be it from renovation, remodel, or clean-up can be recycled, re-used, or re-purposed in one form or the other. Eagle Hauling Services wants to help you "Be Green with your Construction Debris", Call us today!