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Managing Construction Waste

It is essential for sustainable solid waste management to identify the reduction, recycling and reuse of waste, which means eliminating waste where possible, and reusing materials which might otherwise become waste.

Construction debris in the United States accounts for one-third of all waste nationwide. Therefore, even modest efforts to make better use of existing building materials can make significant changes. Depending on your building project old and excess materials can include:

  • windows, doors, and roofing
  • lumber and wood products
  • metals
  • vegetation and trees
  • cardboard and paper

The challenge has always been how to manage construction debris.


Local waste management is one of the top solutions to managing sustainable refuse. The keyword here is: local! If it takes too much time, effort, and gas to transport construction waste for recycling, look to another solution (like avoiding waste instead). Then add necessary trips to your overall construction schedule to minimize overall impact.

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Managing Construction Waste

Recycled Construction Debris

The state of “Florida has an MSW (municipal solid waste) recycling goal that includes C&D (construction and demolition) debris”. Eagle Hauling Services has a service to dispose of, recover or reuse, a wide range of construction debris, which accounts for 25% of Florida’s MSW stream.

These kinds of materials generally fall under a specific category such as not water-soluble or non-hazardous. Such materials may include but are not limited to steel, glass, brick, concrete, asphalt material, pipe, gypsum wallboard, and lumber.

Important fact in disposing of construction demolition debris: “Mixing of construction demolition debris with other types of solid waste will cause it to be classified as other than construction and demolition debris” – resource: Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Division of Waste Management

Waste Reduction

Most construction sites create a large amount of debris and much of the waste material in that debris, be it from renovation, remodel, or clean-up can be recycled, re-used, or re-purposed in one form or the other. Eagle Hauling Services wants to help you “Be Green with your Construction Debris”, Call us today!

Construction Debris Recycling

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